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My name is Summer XIA, an entrepreneur of 46 years-old, living in Shanghai 22 years, have been doing IOT business since 2005 with customers over 40 countries. I’d like to share you a real story before knowing us more.
Normal life was interrupted by end of Jan 2020 due to epidemic, I cancelled the family trip to hometown nearby Wuhan to meet parents for CNY holidays/Spring-festival likes Christmas! 
My father is almost 70 years-old, still working in a clinic. At beginning, they can’t get medical prevention equipment, just wear disposable mask. I was so anxious and then crazily looking for PPE to help them from our global connections. Luckily, found some things like medical protective suits to donate to hospital there. The obtains process is so hard…
Now our life is getting back. Unfortunately, other countries are in suffering hit.
Most PPE products have production in China, now the real situation is terrible that endless foreign buyers are rush purchasing here. Limited capacity is not affordable to meet huge demands. Briefly, money doesn’t talk at this special period.
Desperately lacking materials with limited capacity also caused price increased a lot. More and more new manufacturers are joining in. Buyers are difficult to find reliable supplier and get PPEs shortly…Many cancelled flights caused big problem on transit. You can’t imagine how crazy and difficult situation here too!
We’ve been sending free PPEs to our overseas friends & customers. However, more people are asking for help on mass supply of them!
Considering our good channels to get PPEs with reasonable cost and quality. Finally, realized the necessity to do something, but not for money. Naturally, PPE-Store platform was born from such background!
Big pleasure if we can assist you in fastest & safe way! Do pray everyone gets back the normal lifestyle ASAP!

I put the masks sent from Italian friend at my office, which reminds me to do something good and help people every-day!

All our 20+ team-members are ready to assist you! May contact us by .
You are also welcome to reach me by anytime!
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