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Provide safe, controllable and comfortable environment for both medical personnel and patients.

Isolation Room Solution
● Pressure of every single Isolation Room can be adjusted as required to provide the safe and comfortable environment.
● The Isolation Room System can maintain positive pressure of the Protective Environment(PE) or negative pressure of the Air Infection Isolation(AII).
● The Isolation Room System is user-friendly which allows the operator to choose the corresponding model as needed easily.
● Other automatic inspection system can be integrated in the Isolation Room System according to the user’s need.

Setting up monitoring station for paramedic
● Through a local nurse station that can display real-time indoor conditions, daily monitoring of the Isolation Room can be easily achieved.
● The local monitoring station can fully understand the operation mode, pressure level, door position and general alarm status of Isolation Rooms. Different operation models can be switched easily by touching the screen of the monitor.

Information every Isolation Room can display:

Operation Model of Pressure:
● Negative
● Positive
● Neutral
● In maintenance

General Alarm:
Ring bell for service
Special Alarm:
● Pressure level
● Air volume
● Temperature/ Humidity
● Door position
● Filter pressure difference
Measured value:
● Indoor pressure difference
● Air volume
● Indoor temperature
● HEPA filter pressure drop

Alarm System
Environmental alarm system with the same control logic is equipped in every single Isolation Room. The alarm is triggered when the environmental parameter exceeds or falls below the set limit.

    Monitor and operation panel
● The monitors and alarm panels of Isolation Rooms are designed to display the operating status of each room in an easy-to-understand manner to improve the comfort and safety of both medical personnel and patients.
● Pressure alarm of the room and pre-house
● Air volume alarm of the room and pre-house
● Alarms for indoor temperature and air distribution temperature
● HEPA filter alarm
● Door alarm
Three levels of alarm                    
  Highly Alarm
  Security Alarm
  Service Alarm

The pressure monitor can also
be set to display:

● Operation model: Quarantine, Protection, Neutral and  Maintenances
● Pressure level, Pa
● Door opening status


Excellent Quality & Make Perfection
Provide the complete functions and comfortable environment

Personalized Product & Customization Services

Modular Design
Suitable for standardized shipping operations, convenient, reliable and safe

CSC and ISO certifications 
Ensure ease of transport and shipping at a lower cost.

All units are designed to be easily assembled on site ensuring safe and speedy deployment.

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