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AMY Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizing Robot AMY-M2-D

  • Item Code: AMY-M2-D
  • Application: Automatically disinfect & sterile in facility space
  • Key Spec: Dimension 540 x 580 x 1250mm
  • Standard:
  • Feature: A high-precision laser positioning function with a laser measuring precision of 2 cm
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Cutting-edge Technology Stylish Appearance

AMY Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizing robot is equipped with a new type of dry fog space sterilization system, which boasts a strong sterilizing capacity but extremely low corrosion. The system realizes sterilization using the dry fog of sporicide. Driven by strong air supply, the dry fog diffuses and evaporates in the space, thus elimination microorganisms and viruses in the air. The robot has the ability to move autonomously, and realize timed, fixed- point and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in a large space.


※ Strong disinfection and sterilization capacity
The dry fog space sterilization system can replace the traditional formaldehyde sterilization for its strong sterilizing capacity. It can reache log6 in terms of the efficiency of sterilizing Bacilus stearothermophilus.

※ Large working space
The sterilization volume of a single-point atommizing sterilization generator is 20 to 500 cubic meter. A large space can be fully covered with disinfection and sterilization using the chassis for autonomous movent.


※ No harmful residue
The final decomposition products of such special sterilizing agent are mainly water vapor and oxygen, causing no toxic by-product. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly sterilization technology free from frequent cleaning and maintenance

※ Wide range of sterilization
It brings broad-specturm sterilization against fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores

※ Unmanned operation
The robot features autonomous operation and realizes timed, fixed-point and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization along the preset route in a large space. It reduces the investment in human resources and helps promote working efficiency and quality

※ Autonomous charging
The robot is capable of autonomous charging, continuous operation, low power early warning and automatic recharging, thus ensuring the endurance of robots


※ Internet of everything
Support the information exchange and communication between human and thing, and between things,  and realize environmental interaction and collaboration

※ Multi-robot interconnection
Multiple robots or IoT devices can realize interaction and collaboration, thus promoting working efficiency and applicability.

※ Open source technology
The open robotic technical platform provides a complete set of SDK and enable the fusion and expansion of applications for different seectors.

※ Customization
Provide personalized and customized services and support the customization of color, appearance and function.


Technical Items  Technical Requirements
Appearance Design 1. The shell is made of engineering plastics and aluminum alloy, which is antibacterial and easy to clean
2. Dimensions: 540 mm X 580 mm X 1,250 mm
3. Small volume, with built-in high-power sprayer
Hardware parameters 1. Processor: integrated Intel® J1900 quad-core processor     2. 0GHz;   Chip set: Intel® Bay trail SOC chip set
2. Autonomous navigation: multi-sensor fusion navigation scheme based on at least 3 types of sensors (laser ray / speedometer / gyroscope)
3. Intelligent obstacle avoidance: The robot can flexibly avoid any obstacles. It is able to avoid any obstacles under low light condition
4. Motor torque: 8.1 Nm (high load capacity and low power consumption)
5. The chassis is equipped with a suspension system, which is used to effectively improve the threshold-passing smoothness
Operating Parameters 1. Speed of motion: 0.45 m/s (under navigation state)
2. A high-precision laser positioning function, with a laser measuring precision of 2 cm
3. Steering performance: 360° zero-radius steering
4. Continuous operating duration under full-load condition: ≥ 4 hours; operating duration under normal condition: ≥ 6 hours
5. The robot can move autonomously, thus realizing autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance and other functions
6. In the process of task execution, the robot supports a pause mode and can continue task execution after resuming.
7. The robot is capable of controlling the automatic opening/closing of electric doors via the Internet of Things
8. Support the expansion of elevator control scheme to achieve cross-area multi-floor operation
9. There is no need for the secondary modification, or the addition and installation of route and location marking device. The robot can achieve full-autonomous navigation during operation
10.The robot supports automatic recharge function, which provides automatic charging under low battery level, and continuous operation
Sterilization Methods The robot is provided with a new dry fog space sterilization system, with an average diameter of liquid drop of 10 um. The liquid drop is fine and small, similar to the gas particle, and evaporated once fully contacted with the surface. Such drop is dispersed in the air through Brownian motion so that it can maintain its concentration within the specified time limit and therefore achieve sterilization effect for space environment.
The sprayed dry fog has the following properties:
(1) The dry fog drops are not set and under irregular movement (Brownian motion principle)
(2) The dry fog drops are not aggregated to produce large liquid drops
(3) The dry fog drops bounce once contacted with the surface without rupture which may result in wet surface Therefore, such properties of the dry fog also achieve good space and surface contact effect in inaccessible places
Sterilization Performance 1. Atomized particle size: 10 um in average; small atomized radius, non-set atomizing and free diffusion of non-polymerization energy achieves good space and surface contact effect.
2. Sterilization efficiency: broad spectrum sterilization effect of log4~log6 
3. Air mass flow: ≤3.9 m3/min
4. Dosage: 15g/min
5. Dry fog of sporicide: concentration of hydrogen peroxide: 5.0~7.9%; containing peracetic acid of less than 0.4%
6. Dosage of sterilizing agent: 2L 
Environmental Detection Support access to data using an external multi-point environment detection sensor, including PM2.5, temperature and humidity




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