Temperature Check Solution

IR Thermometer IR-1-AL

  • Item Code: IR-1-AL
  • Application: Both medicalenterprise citizen use
  • Specification: 42 pcs/carton in size 380x370x375mm gross weight 6.5Kg
  • Standard:CE/FDA
  • MOQ: 10 Set
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※ Non-touch measurement in 1 second    
※ High precision IR sensor with accuracy ±0.2 ℃ 
※ Practical pantent design
※ White/Black LCD/LED display  
※ Memory recall 32 readings 
※ Replaceable battery
※ Size 37x37x138 mm


Manual Instruction

Body temperature screening is one of the main methods for the surveillance of new crown pneumonia epidemics and case detection. Whether in hospitals, airports, railway stations, or public places such as shopping malls, residential quarters, and enterprise parks, infrared temperature measurement equipment is provided to facilitate the first Screen the hot start staff for a while.

The Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer body temperature detection system guarantees the safe return of students to school and the resumption of work by enterprise employees. It changes the traditional manual entry data, automatically records personal temperature data, and forms account information



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